Sizes and types of containers

Container is a unified module for transportation of various cargoes. The sizes of containers and its design features are dependent on the type of cargo to be transported in the container.

In maritime transportation the most common are the containers of 20 and 40 feet. The length of these containers, respectively, is 6 and 12 meters. By their height containers are divided into standard containers and containers of high altitude, the so-called «High Cube» containers. Currently, there is a tendency to increase the capacity of containers, therefore there appear containers that are increased in their length (45 feet) or width (Pallet Wide), as well as increased both in the width and length (45HCPW)

Depending on the type cargo to be transported, there are several types of containers:


Multipurpose dry-cargo container (Dry Container) that is used for transportation of unitised and bulk-loaded cargoes. Structurally, a container is a metal box with wide doors. At the corners of the perimeter of the container there are special openings for re-loading (upper and lower fittings).
Overall dimensions Dry Container (20′, 40′. 40HC)  и 45′HCPW






Refrigerator container (Reefer Container) is designed for transportation of temperature sensitive cargo, i.e. cargoes that require a certain temperature during transportation. These special containers have a high level of thermal insulation and their own refrigeration unit that lets to fully maintain the desired temperature inside the container when turned on.
Overall dimensions Reefer Container






Open Top is a standard dry-cargo container used for transportation of cargo oversized by their height. It has a soft removable hood that allows to load over the top.
Overall dimensions Open Top








Flatrack is a standard container platform without a hood and side walls. It is used for transportation of cargo oversized by both height and width.
Overall dimensions Flat Rack







Tank Container is used for transportation of liquid and gaseous cargo. Structurally this is a tank encased in a rigid metal frame, which is also equipped with corner fittings on the top and bottom that allows using standard container equipment for re-loading of tank containers.
Overall dimensions Tank Container






Such a variety of container types give big opportunities during transportation. The container is indispensable during multimodal transportation. Today, a significant number of cargoes is transported in containers.


Our company has been engaged in international transport since 2005. At the moment, we provide cargo transportation services from almost all parts of Europe. Our park consists of 30 awnings.

Sea Transportation

Maritime container transportation (international container transportation) is the most popular type of international transportation. Thousands of importers and exporters prefer this method of transporting the cargo due to its efficiency and ergonomics.

Transport Logistics

Our main focus is shipment of goods by sea from Asian countries to the port of Klaipeda, and then by road to all towns and cities of Russia. In addition, our company cooperates with large Russian factories, transporting goods by road from Russia to Europe, and by sea all over the world (to China, America etc.).