About us

If your field of interest includes foreign economic activity, you perfectly understand the role of high-quality international transportation,so we can offer you a full range of services related to the transport logistics.The transportation and logistics company “Portus”  has been working in the field of transportation and logistics services from the year 2005. During this time we have created a professional team of experts and logistics specialist, having vast experience in the field of logistics.


Our company has 7 years of experience in the market of cargo transportation, providing a full range of services in transporting cargo. Applying the optimal schemes of transport logistics, the company “Portus” brings all the risks associated with the delivery to the minimum, and allows the client to receive his order in the shortest time possible.Convenient, fast, profitable – these are the criteria that define the quality of service of all the clients!



Our team



Team of our company is a friendly group of professionals efficiently working in several branches around the world to provide the most efficient and reliable delivery of cargoes. The establishment of mutually beneficial, friendly and long-term relationships is one of the most important challenges facing our company. Our team ensures professional and pleasant communication with us:

  • our primary focus is on the client;
  • we are always polite;
  • we are trying to save our clients’ time and carefully listen to any requests;
  • we ensure optimal speed of service to our customers.



Our company has been engaged in international transport since 2005. At the moment, we provide cargo transportation services from almost all parts of Europe. Our park consists of 30 awnings.

Sea Transportation

Maritime container transportation (international container transportation) is the most popular type of international transportation. Thousands of importers and exporters prefer this method of transporting the cargo due to its efficiency and ergonomics.

Transport Logistics

Our main focus is shipment of goods by sea from Asian countries to the port of Klaipeda, and then by road to all towns and cities of Russia. In addition, our company cooperates with large Russian factories, transporting goods by road from Russia to Europe, and by sea all over the world (to China, America etc.).