“Portus” Ltd. offers cargo warehousing services in Europe at the A-type customs warehouses and modern free warehouses. Warehouses are numbered and have EU certificates that allow carrying out storage and re-loading of cargoes destined for the EU market and for export markets. Storage of different types of products is performed at the warehouse, a computerized record-keeping of incoming / outgoing cargoes was introduced, the security of cargoes is ensured by the surveillance cameras monitoring the territory, and constantly working guards. All cargo warehousing services provided are insured with the civil liability insurance. In order to reduce costs for cargo transportation around Europe and CIS countries, we offer the cargo consolidation service at European warehouses. Cargo consolidation allows you to combine several small different shipments at the warehouse for onward dispatch to the destination.


Consolidation of joint cargoes


Consolidation of joint cargoes is one of the most cost-effective solutions of the one-time delivery or small wholesale cargo delivery for companies that do not have their own network of warehouses and a system of cargo transportation. Consolidation of cargoes enables the client-company to pay only for the place in a warehouse or in a container that its cargo actually occupies without having to pay for the entire container or the lease for the whole warehouse space. Cargo, consolidated in the European warehouse, shall be sent to the destination after the formation of the container, and the company “Portus” can offer its assistance in filling all the necessary customs and insurance documents. The branched and well-organised system of warehousing allows us to offer high quality and efficient warehousing  services in Europe.

Additional warehousing services:

  • Mechanized and manual loading, including manning and weighing;
  • Quality control and control of production documents;
  • Maintenance and marking of goods, their preparation for transportation, distribution and sale;
  • Sorting and packaging of goods, formation and palletising of dispatches;
  • Marking and labelling of goods;
  • Veterinary and phytosanitary services;
  • Filling of cargo transportation documents;
  • Record-keeping of the movement of goods in the warehouse and reports on the completed operations;
  • Consolidation of cargoes

The company “Portus” carries out international cargo transportation quickly and  accurately using automotive transport, and is always ready to provide warehousing services in Europe as well as cargo consolidation services in European warehouses.

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Our company has been engaged in international transport since 2005. At the moment, we provide cargo transportation services from almost all parts of Europe. Our park consists of 30 awnings.

Sea Transportation

Maritime container transportation (international container transportation) is the most popular type of international transportation. Thousands of importers and exporters prefer this method of transporting the cargo due to its efficiency and ergonomics.

Transport Logistics

Our main focus is shipment of goods by sea from Asian countries to the port of Klaipeda, and then by road to all towns and cities of Russia. In addition, our company cooperates with large Russian factories, transporting goods by road from Russia to Europe, and by sea all over the world (to China, America etc.).