Cargo forwarding at a port

Cargo forwarding at a port begins with the preparation of the required set of documents, necessary for quick cargo clearance at customs. It is desirable that before containers with cargo arrive to the port, the documents accompanying the goods are agreed upon and, if necessary, arranged. These documents include: an invoice, a packing list and a consignment. All these documents must meet certain requirements and contain the required information about the cargo and its recipient. Any mistakes in these papers may result in significant delays in the clearance of goods at the port, and thus increase the value of the delivery costs of the goods.

After the arrival of containers at the port, the company-forwarder shall for and on behalf of the recipient undertake the obligations for the delivery of the loaded container to the destination and return of the empty container back to the port in the face of the line agent. Moreover, prior to the exportation the forwarder shall pay the agent all the fees and other costs incurred by the freight carrier at the port of discharge.

The responsibilities of the freight forwarder at the port include interaction with government regulatory bodies, namely: customs, quarantine and sanitary-epidemiological services, etc. The forwarder represents the interests of the recipient in the port during the inspection of the cargo, takes samples of goods in order to carry out a variety of tests and examinations, etc.


Our company has been engaged in international transport since 2005. At the moment, we provide cargo transportation services from almost all parts of Europe. Our park consists of 30 awnings.

Sea Transportation

Maritime container transportation (international container transportation) is the most popular type of international transportation. Thousands of importers and exporters prefer this method of transporting the cargo due to its efficiency and ergonomics.

Transport Logistics

Our main focus is shipment of goods by sea from Asian countries to the port of Klaipeda, and then by road to all towns and cities of Russia. In addition, our company cooperates with large Russian factories, transporting goods by road from Russia to Europe, and by sea all over the world (to China, America etc.).