Customs clearance of cargoes

Customs clearance of cargoes is a complex and tiring process, especially for someone not versed in all the nuances of the customs legislation of various countries. In turn, low-quality services of customs clearance of cargoes can result in long delays or even arrests of your cargoes. Customs clearance of cargoes, no doubt, must be carried out by professionals, legally savvy and experienced in this field of documentation.

The “Portus” company provides services for customs clearance of cargoes in Lithuania and other countries of the world. Customs clearance of cargoes outside Lithuania is carried out by partners in different countries, who also have extensive experience working with customs authorities of their countries. The company “Portus” provides transportation and freight forwarding services along with a complex of professional services for customs clearance of cargoes, which includes:

  • filling out declarations for import, export and transit of goods, as well as all the necessary documentation for passing the customs control of the various countries of the world;
  • provision of any assistance or advice information upon the request of a client;
  • receipt of respective certificates for all types of cargoes;
  • accreditation of economic operators in the customs authorities of different countries of the world;
  • a possibility of adjustment and other operational work in non-standard mode to maximise speed of customs control;
  • customs processing of cargoes.

Customs clearance from the company “Portus” will save you from additional hassles of customs control in various countries over the world. Freight forwarding by the company “Portus” provides not only the actual transportation of cargo, but also the resolution of any difficulties with the documentation, loading and unloading of containers and other details, which you will not have to worry about when working with “Portus”.