International freight traffic holds primary position in business and plays major role in shipment of various goods and cargo. Currently, expanding of business horizons and finding new outlets for distribution is not a problem, because international transportation is our element, and it is our highly qualified staff that is doing it.

Shipment from China is a very popular service that our company renders at the appropriate professional level and with knowledge of all laws, both road- and state-related. That’s why you can rely on us and not waste your time in vain searching for partners in the international traffic – we are always there and ready to help your business to become even more efficient.

Our main focus is shipment of goods by sea from Asian countries to the port of Klaipeda, and then by road to all towns and cities of Russia. In addition, our company cooperates with large Russian factories, transporting goods by road from Russia to Europe, and by sea all over the world (to China, America, Spain, etc.). International freight traffic in both directions makes our company competitive.

Keeping pace with the times and modern commercial trends, our company has developed and has been successfully using a variety of popular services, in particular, ‘flat-to-flat’ delivery. It is fast, convenient and trouble-free shipment of your goods in the selected direction!